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At Grime Stoppers we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and service.  We don't just give your carpets or upholstery a quick surface clean and then leave.  Here at Grime Stoppers we have a comprehensive 7 stage process that we follow when cleaning any carpet or item of upholstery.

We are able to offer numerous cleaning types including Low moisture and dry cleaning although in the residential setting the most common cleaning type is the wet extraction process.

Below are the 7 steps to truly clean carpets using Grime Stoppers:

1) Dry Extraction - high powered commercial vacuum cleaners are used to remove any dry soling from deep down within each pile of the carpet, there is no point starting a wet extraction process whilst there is dry soiling in the carpets, it will just turn it into a sticky mess!.  This process also starts to open up the carpet/upholstery fibers to allow the soiling to escape.

2)  Solution Application - The old outdated process of cleaning carpets used to be to put some 'atomic' chemicals in the extraction machine, spraying it on the carpet for approximately half a second and then extracting (sucking!) it back up into the machine.  Some still do this, we don't!
We use cutting edge 'eco' friendly products made from plant extracts and other non toxic or offensive agents. We have many different solutions (cleaning solutions) at our disposal that suit all different fibre types, from wool or polypropylene to nylons any many others, we don't subscribe to the 'one size fits all' approach.

3) Solution Agitation - our cleaning solutions start breaking down the soling the minute they touch the fibres surface, we then use a purpose made twin oscillating agitation machine that works the solution deep down into every fibre of the carpet breaking down natural solings, grease, fats, and other contaminants.  On upholstery cleaning this is done by hand so as to not damage the fibres.
As we dont use detergent based cleaners no sticky residues are left in the carpet/upholstery fibres meaning slower re-soiling.  Have you ever had your carpets cleaned and then a few months later they look dirty again?  That's because the detergent cleaners leave a residue that attracts dirt back into the fibres again!!  All of our products are 'free rinsing' meaning no residues left behind.

4) Wet Extraction - This is the process many refer to as the 'shampooing' although as you can imagine, its a bit outdated now and not how we do things.  Using some of the most high powered twin motor wet extraction machines available on the market today, we start the wet extraction process.  Using pressured water jets to massage the soiling from deep into the fibres of the carpet/upholstery we remove soling from deep down within the fibres and not just surface clean.

5) Spot treatment - Where stubborn marks are left behind we treat these with specific spot cleaners appropriate to the soiling type although we never guarantee spot'stain removal as it may be just that, a permanent stain that has re-dyed the colour of the carpet. (we will advise you of this on carrying our our pre-clean survey)

6)  Drying - Our process is so effective that most of the time the carpets are nearly dry before we leave, no waiting days for the carpets to dry out.  We carry portable forced drying machines that aid in the drying process when required.

7)  Pile reset - we don't leave the carpets with different shading patterns all over them where the pile is going in all different directions, we use a grooming brush to re-align the pile and leave it looking beautifully clean and groomed!

We are able to carry out commercial carpet cleaning using our VLM (very low moisture) LM (low moisture) or Encapsulation cleaning processes and have done may high profile large commercial carpet cleaning contracts as well as smaller office upholstery contracts.